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Joe’s Apartment | Studio Records

Vancouver Nightclub and Music Venue

An Oriental rug with none of the tripping hazards. With thousands of people dancing to live music safety is critical. This night club provided an image of a beautifully worn carpet that LSI turned into high performance, non-slip, sheet vinyl while maintaining the shape and feel of the real thing. The custom LSI floor was then embedded into the surrounding flooring with no transition piece required. A sound solution to a beautiful aesthetic.


Canada’s National Design + Architecture Exposition & Conference

A quick graphic solution for an annual tradeshow wishing to welcome attendees with visual impact; simple to install, easy to remove. 15’ x 32’ Custom printed sheet vinyl was shipped in four panels that were easily installed into this temporary location with LSI’s double-sided, mesh tradeshow tape. From concept artwork to completed installation this work was done in a two week timeframe meeting a very exacting deadline, the opening of the show.


Corporate Retail Store

Wanting to create a durable, non-slip area with graphic impact as well as branding, Skechers turned to LSI. The defined area is printed in a 10’ x 12’ sheet of solid vinyl.

The client supplied a high resolution file to be scaled into the desired dimensions.

The sheet vinyl has been laid over a polished concrete floor with a rubber underlay to create a soft carpet-like feel. It was then edged for a smooth transition.


Universal Air Travel Plan, Corporate Office

For an international travel company the globe is a fitting graphic. Colorful and impactful, the image supplied by the client reminds visitors and staff of their expansive reach around the world.

The scale of this graphic required two panels to complete the circle. The designer supplied an image, purchased from Shutterstock, that had been resized to match the 20’ x 20’ size requirement. LSI then simply reproduced this .tiff file into the circular inlay shown.

Installation was easily done using standard vinyl flooring installation procedures embedding it into the surrounding material.

Albuquerque Museum

The city’s cultural center

Wanting to give their visitors a truly unique experience, the Museum and designer worked with LSI Floors to create an interactive map combining custom printed flooring with augmented reality technology.

Embedded in the graphic, reproduced as high performance vinyl flooring, are “hotspots” that trigger 3D models when scanned with a smart phone or tablet. Clicking on these models leads the viewer to indepth information about the location and its history.